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Hosting International Convention

Identify Potential International Conventions
  • Survey Intent (2,500 organizations of countries subscribed to international organizations)
  • Investigate and research potential hosts based on paper review of international organizations
  • Promote and make sales calls based on a prioritized list of organizations
  • Invite and sponsor visits by relevant personnel
One-stop Service for Administration of International Conventions in Korea
  • Consult and provide information on procedures to host international conferences
  • Document proposals and draft invitation letters
  • Sponsor (printing proposals, souvenirs and prior visits by staff of international organizations)
  • Provide and distribute promotional publications and video
  • Provide a tourism information desk
  • Engage in promotional activities leveraging the overseas network of KTO offices
Support Planned Conventions
  • Support all finalized conventions in the current year
    • - Consult and provide information on international conference hosting
    • - Sponsorship
      (printing, sight-seeing programs, culture & arts performances etc)
    • - Provide and distribute promotional publications and video
    • - Provide promotional films and tourist information desks
  • Pre-conference promotion to maximize conference participation
    • - Engage in PR utilizing KTO overseas office network
    • - Sponsorship (souvenirs, etc.)
    • - Provide promotional films and publications
Convention Marketing
  • Participate actively in major MICE tradeshows
  • Advertise in convention magazines and other paper coverage
  • Engage in overseas convention road shows & sales calls
  • Produce and distribute promotional materials : promotional videos, convention facility brochures, etc.
Organize Infrastructure for Convention Industry
  • Korea MICE Alliance
  • Convention fairs
  • Regional convention road show
  • Convention expertise training (on and offline)
‘Korea MICE Alliance’
Compile and Provide Information on Convention
  • Develop official homepage(Korean, English)
  • Collect information on international conference hosting
  • Research international conference hosting history and plans
  • Identify convention-related organizations and facilities in Korea
  • Publish convention booklet and calendar
  • Draft a Korea convention e-newsletter