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Promotion of Tourism within Korea

  • Destinations recommended by VisitKorea

    Select 4-5 destinations every month, write articles and provide recommendations

    Promote selected destinations through extensive media coverage, the VisitKorea Korean website and the e-Newsletter

  • Develop and Promote Local Travel Products

    Designate an official travel agency for each main tourist site in Korea

    Designate KTO-recommended ‘best travel products’

  • Promote City Tours

    Support and promote city tours

    Develop city tour programs into brand name tourist products for each district

  • Develop Tourist Products Geared towards Minorities

    Introduce local tourist attractions targeting specific demographics (the physically challenged, the elderly, multicultural families, etc.) while launching public-awareness campaigns

  • Manage and Develop the “Korea Tourism Supporter” System

    Establish advisory group of volunteer specialists to aid local government agencies

    Develop festivals, tourist resources, general marketing and promotion programs, storyteller marketing, and improve overall readiness to receive tourists

  • Promote Local Travel to International Residents

    Invite international residents on travel courses and gain feedback

    Produce and distribute promotional booklets for local travel courses