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Regional Readiness for Inbound Tourism

Special Preparations
  • 1330 Korea Travel Hotline
  • Tourist Complaint Center
  • Language Services (volunteers interpreters)
  • Standardization of tourist information center projects and processes
  • Standardization of travel signs in foreign languages
  • Projects aimed at improving the readiness of autonomous government organizations to receive an increased number of inbound tourists
  • Facilities, services, and budget accommodation certification projects
  • Projects to franchise budget hotels
  • Projects in support of restaurants targeting international visitors
Specialized Training
  • Basic foreign language courses for tour guides
  • Intensive foreign language courses for tour guides
  • Temple stay specialist training course
  • Public education
  • Experiential training for domestic travel guides
  • Education on regional festivals for civil servants
  • Ecology tour specialist training course
  • Korean palace specialist training course
  • Tourism development training for civil servants
  • On-line training
  • Practical course for foreign language tour guides
  • Culture & tourism training for guides
  • E-tourism education
  • Overseas tour guide training
  • TIC staff training
  • Tourism & PR training programs
  • Medical tourism coordinator training
  • Practical training for hoteliers
  • Leadership program for agricultural tourism
National Qualification Examinations for Workers in the Tourism Industry
  • Tourism Interpreters/Guides, Hoteliers, Hotel Management